Vehicles to Rent in Charlotte, North Carolina

Transportation Services to Suite All Your Needs

Carolina Rent A Car offers a wide range of automobiles that are available for rental. Whether you need a car, truck, van or SUV, we have an extensive fleet to meet your transportation needs. To get more information, feel free to give us a call at 704-596-6008!
  • We Have 7-, 12- and 15-Passenger Vans and Moving Trucks!
  • We Also Allow Towing With Some of Our Vehicles!
Towing - Vehicle Rental in Charlotte, NC

We offer the following vehicle types:

  • Compact - Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta, Nissan Versa
  • Midsize - Kia Optima, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra
  • Full-size - Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima
  • Convertibles - Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro
  • Premium - Dodge Charger, Nissan Maxima, Chrysler 300
  • Luxury - Volvo, Lincoln, Lexus
  • 7-Passenger - Kia Sedona, Dodge Grand Caravan, Toyota Siena
  • 15-Passenger - Ford E-350 or Transit
  • 4x4 - Jeep Wrangler
  • Compact SUV – Kia Sportage, Jeep Patriot
  • Midsize SUV - Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder
  • Full-size SUV - Ford Expedition
  • Premium SUV - Chevy Suburban
  • Pickup Truck - Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra
  • Pickup 2 - Ford F-250
  • Dually Truck - Ford F-350,
  • Cargo Van - Ford E-150, Nissan NV
  • 15-ft. Moving Truck - Ford E-350 Cutaway
  • 4x4s Are Available Upon Request
  • All Makes and Models Subject to Change Without Notice.

For more information on renting a vehicle, contact our office in Charlotte, North Carolina.